AC Squad draws from a combined twenty years of industry experience to ensure the right solution to your specific requirements.  We don’t rely on guesswork or offer generic recommendations.  Through state-of-the-art technology, our NATE-certified technicians accurately diagnose problems with Indoor Air Quality and develop an effective strategy for sustainable improvement.  Whether you’re faced with excess or insufficient humidity, airborne pollutants, fumes, or aren’t really sure of the exact concern, we can help.  AC Squad provides customized, whole-home solutions to air quality challenges across Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas.

Reliable Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Specializing in a wide range of proven options, from such leading manufacturers as Aprilaire, AC Squad ensures quiet operation, minimal maintenance requirements, and a reliable answer to any air quality concern in any size of space.  Our licensed technicians complete seamless installation, familiarize you with operation, and verify results.  Family owned and operated, we take pride in optimizing Indoor Air Quality for our customers throughout Holly Springs, Canton, Woodstock & Acworth, GA.  Contact us at 678-909-0251, and let us create a healthier, cleaner, more comfortable indoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.